Where Should I Post My Videos?

Let’s say your business just created a great video. Now what? While developing a captivating video about your business is huge (and will advance your position in the marketplace), you also need to promote your video to maximize the impact. Before we jump into our list of places to post your video, it helps to […]

10 Ways That Videos Boost Business and Profits

If a picture tells a thousand words, imagine the possibilities for videos. Visual storytelling is powerful. It activates sight, sound, language and emotions. In fact, research shows that viewers retain significantly more information about a business after watching a video, versus reading text alone. Videos have also proven to increase: Sales Website traffic SEO and […]

Video Interviews that Engage Viewers: Tips for Interviewees AND Interviewers

A great interview has the power to inspire, persuade, educate, build trust and strengthen connections to audiences. Through on-camera interviews, people can tell their story in their own words – while also sharing the story of their brand, project or vision. And visual storytelling is a powerful medium to connect with audiences. It resonates more deeply than with text […]

Music Video Filmed by Bia Production is Winning Awards

We recently had the pleasure of filming the cinematography for a music video for award-winning musicians and filmmakers Banjii & Mayuri! (joined by Mayuri’s sister Maitreyee Joshi, on the right). Our Founder and Cinematographer, Beka Virtue, filmed this video in New York City and New Jersey. Banjii, Mayuri and Maitreyee radiate positivity, warmth and love. […]

Inspiring Mini-Doc for Great PR + Marketing + Community-Building

We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with a fantastic client and e-bike company – Himiway Bike – to create an inspiring mini-documentary (aka mini-doc) about the theraputic benefits of e-biking. This short video documentary features Keith Oser, who underwent painful knee replacement surgery and extensive physical therapy. Riding his e-bike has significantly enhanced his […]

Should I Hire a Videographer, Video Production Company or Cinematographer?

Videos are making waves like never before. YouTube alone has 2.5 billion users. And trying to keep up with influential TikTokers and Instagrammers can feel like facing a tidal wave. To stay on top, companies and marketers are using video at an unprecedented rate to compete for attention – and profits. Staying abreast of the […]

11 Tips to Look and Feel Great on Camera

It’s easy to feel self-conscious on camera, especially if it’s your first time being filmed. But we’ve worked with so many clients who felt nervous prior to a shoot, who ended up having a great time! Clients are able to feel like stars for the day. Their teams do too. Staff members are often excited […]

List of Video Ideas to Expand Your Audience

To view and save a copy of this article as a PDF, click here.  Unsure about the type of video you need? We’ve devised a list of videos that companies are creating to reach their audiences like never before. First off, it’s best to consider the goals for your video. It’s also beneficial to contemplate the needs […]

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