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We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with a fantastic client and e-bike company – Himiway Bike – to create an inspiring mini-documentary (aka mini-doc) about the theraputic benefits of e-biking.

This short video documentary features Keith Oser, who underwent painful knee replacement surgery and extensive physical therapy. Riding his e-bike has significantly enhanced his recovery process.

Keith also deepened the quality of time he spent with his family, following his purchase of e-bikes for his two sons and wife.  They’ve taken long trips on their bikes throughout Pennsylvania (where they live) and New Jersey.

The company Himiway has nurtured a large community of e-bike riders. They’ve created numerous video stories and mini-docs to highlight experiences from their riders.

Videos like these, such as mini-docs and testimonial videos, are great for public relations, marketing and online community-building.

Our team at Bia Production really enjoyed this mini-doc project and we hope to work on more in the future!

If you or your company has an idea for a mini-doc, let us know. We’d be elated to partner on your project!

To learn more about Keith’s story and Himiway e-bikes, check out this article from Himiway’s website:

Article by Himiway Bike | Posted on October 28, 2022

Electric bikes are the future of transport, and Himiway owners are proof of the lasting benefits of using the ebikes to go longer distances. Himiway provides commuters with a green way of cycling and exploring the outdoors, bringing electric bikes closer to consumers than ever. The brand is committed to meeting the needs of all its customers by having various purpose-specific bikes with more advantages than the average ebike today.

Recovering from injuries can be overwhelming. For Keith, who lives in Northwest Pennsylvania, Himiway helped him regain his motion and life.

“My Himiway genuinely helped me to get my motion back. This bike brought so much happiness to my family and me.”

Keith went online and found ebiking, and the Himiway ebikes stood out. Keith bought his Himiway ebike in March 2020. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Keith wanted to do something fun with his family, so they decided to go biking. Unfortunately, he was involved in an accident while walking his dog, where he slipped and fell in March 2021. Keith sustained some injuries, had severe pains, and had to go for knee replacement surgery.

Best Exercises to recover from knee injuries:

After surgery, it’s important to visit your doctor to be sure when you can continue riding your bike. In Keith’s case, his doctor’s recommendation for the best exercises to recover from knee injuries was either swimming or biking, and his obvious choice was ebiking.

Also, you should discuss your route ideas, estimated workout duration, and other details with them to be sure that your plans won’t cause your knee to become worse. These professionals offer expertise in ensuring you follow a path that helps you return to your outdoor activities. Therefore, their opinions and instructions are a priority.

Himiway: The best bike for recovery:

Even after your doctor’s approval, one crucial tip for biking after knee surgery is to ride slowly. Starting, a few laps around the block should be sufficient. After Keith’s surgery, he drove his electric bike and recovered faster than expected in physiotherapy treatment. Thanks to his Himiway bike, he can bend his leg properly.

“My Himiway bike got me back to where I’m walking a lot better today than I was before my surgery.’’

Every Himiway ebike offers pedal-assist systems to encourage riding and recovery. When Keith turns on his Himiway throttle-controlled ebike, it powers the wheel and propels his bike forward. The ebike’s motor stops producing power whenever Keith releases the throttle. By engaging the throttle, Keith’s ebike moves forward without him having to pedal. Himiway bikes have pedal assist and throttle modes, which he can use simultaneously. Keith can ride on pedal assist and engage the throttle for an extra boost.

There are seven ranges of Himiway bikes, including electric bikes for seniors and those recovering from an injury. The Himiway Step-thru, Himiway Cobra, and Himiway Cruiser are some of the Himiway models for seniors and recovery from injuries.

Himiway Cruiser Step-Thru Long-Range Electric Bike:

The Himiway Cruiser Step-Thru Long Range Electric Bike is best for those healing from knee injuries. The ebike’s frame plays an important role and is an excellent solution for arthritis in their wrists, elbows, knees, and hips and for those who have done knee replacement surgery. Since these bikes allow the rider to go forward without pedaling, they are healthy for the knees since the handle design significantly lessens pressure and strain. Moreover, the Step-through frame of Himiway can work for you if you are traveling uphill to avoid pushing against the force of gravity and stressing your joints.

Himiway Cruiser Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike:

The Himiway Cruiser Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike is an excellent method to relieve the strain on a rider’s joints and let the bike do the job. The bike’s saddle helps the rider sit upright; this allows Keith to sit comfortably without stressing his elbows, knees, or wrists. Both the step-thru and cruiser electric bikes are suitable for bad knees. Keith usually suffered from lower back pains, and riding three to four times a week helped him. Riding on rugged terrains and having a poor posture can affect the spine, making your traveling more stressful. Hence, you would need a durable and high-quality bike.

Himiway Cobra Pro Softail Electric Mountain Bike:

The Himiway Cobra Pro Softail Electric Mountain Bike has a four-bar link suspension feature and a four-sided polygon with strong vibration absorption. The Cobra Pro keeps you secure and ensures an enjoyable riding experience, even on rugged and challenging terrains. So, you need to make sure your choice of e-bike makes every ride strain-fee and easy.

Why Keith chose the Himiway bike

Today, Keith can freely move his knee and works perfectly well, thanks to Himiway. When he was checking for an ebike online for him, after months of doing research, he found Himiway bikes. He compared Himiway with its competitors and went for Himiway because it had the right bike for his family and himself.

Himiway bikes helped Keith spend time with his family:

Keith has bought four ebikes from Himiway, which suit his and his family’s needs. Especially after the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown period, Keith has been able to spend more fun time and bond with his wife and two sons riding together on their ebike. When comparing and purchasing the Himiway ebikes, you should consider each model carefully to see whether it is the best option. Each has unique features, so get one that suits your needs. These bikes make it possible to travel around cities and are great for Keith and his family. Whenever Keith is tired of pedaling, he uses the throttle feature.

Himiway bikes help you go further and faster:

Keith has been able to go places on his ebike, which he won’t be able to get to by car or on foot. He has ridden on different terrains with his electric bike, including dry grounds, gravel, grass, trails, wet trails, wet soils, beaches, snow, and wet sand. Keith’s Himiway all-terrain ebike has a durable, high-quality 6061 Aluminum frame to handle different terrains and weather conditions.

Himiway bike encourages quicker recovery:

Keith’s knee replacement surgery became necessary when his knee joint was damaged after he slipped while walking his dog. This reduced Keith’s mobility and increased pain while he rested. When some people suffer from sudden and unexpected accidents, it often leads to other issues like depression. Keith’s Himiway ebikes reawakened his love for cycling, and he is grateful to Himiway and bought four ebikes. Going cycling helps Keith clears his head, gives him peace of mind after a stressful day, and encourages him to ride more.


Thousands of Americans recover from knee replacement surgery as they ride their ebike regularly. Keith’s story encourages individuals to enjoy cycling without pain. Bike riding after a knee replacement surgery can initially seem difficult, but it is entirely achievable. As one of the top-performing ebikes in the market today, Himiway has given individuals a safe and exciting way of cycling. The company has extended its scope from Canada, U.K., U.S., and France to the Netherlands. Himiway ebikes have helped several individuals with their commuting needs and keeping fit after injuries or during recovery. Himiway is a dependable brand that helps numerous of its riders to improve their way of life, just like Keith Oser.

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