Where Should I Post My Videos?

Let’s say your business just created a great video. Now what?

While developing a captivating video about your business is huge (and will advance your position in the marketplace), you also need to promote your video to maximize the impact.

Before we jump into our list of places to post your video, it helps to understand why videos are good for business.

Videos have been proven to increase:

  • Sales
  • Website traffic
  • SEO and Google search rankings
  • Leads and conversions
  • Audience understanding
  • Trust-building
  • Brand visibility

Now let’s jump in.

Depending on your company’s marketing strategy, these are some of the channels on which to promote your video(s):

  • Website: on your home page and any page on your site where it’s relevant.
  • Blogs 
  • Emails and e-newsletters 
  • Advertisements on traditional and digital media 
  • Play videos at events, including: 
  1. Presentations
  2. Trainings
  3. Staff orientations
  4. Performances
  5. Fundraisers
  6. Waiting rooms
  7. Can you think of other places that work for your business?
  • Social media. Some companies may focus on one platform, while many businesses will post videos on a few platforms or more:
  1. Instagram
  2. YouTube
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter
  5. TikTok
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Pinterest
  8. Snapchat
  9. Reddit
  10. Streamable
  11. Tumblr
  12. Yelp

After reviewing the lists, which platforms are best-suited for your line of work?

Although it may seem overwhelming (and it certainly can be), try and embrace this opportunity to promote your video as a way to celebrate your achievements. It’s also a way to reach more people – and forge new opportunities.

In addition to your own promotional efforts, don’t be afraid to ask people to share your videos as well! This can be friends, family, colleagues/staff and the list goes on. Loyal customers and vendors can also share your posts. It also helps if you share their posts.

When it comes to social media, cross-promotion is central to the reciprocal design that’s built into these platforms. In other words, I support you – and you’re more likely to support me. We’re able to cheer each other on. Anyone who’s ever owned or marketed a business can appreciate the hard work that it takes.

At Bia Production, we love to champion businesses. It’s at the heart of what we do. Reach out if you’d like to discuss marketing and promotional strategies for your business! [email protected].

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