What Story Do You Want to Document and Share?

At Bia Production, we love to capture powerful stories about issues that resonate deeply with people. As evidenced by the popularity of documentaries, mini-docs, and docu-series in recent years, we know that audiences crave material that both informs and evokes.

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What Story Do You Want to Document and Share?

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For one of our ongoing projects, we’ve been filming a documentary about the Hasidic community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

This experience has presented a special opportunity to peer inside a tight-knit community that has resisted influence and temptations from the outer world – directly in the heart of bustling Williamsburg, a haven for artists and musicians. 

Another project we created featured an amazing glass artist and jewelry designer, Jenny Young.

With this concept, we documented an artist in the “flow state.” With deep concentration, Jenny produced incredible creations in her studio using the ancient art of glass-blowing. 

What story do you want to tell? We’d love to hear your ideas for documentaries that ignite your passion.

We’re a full-service production company based in New York. 

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Client Experience:

“Beka is an extremely gifted cinematographer and artist, and I’m so lucky to have found him. Over the last months, I’ve done many shoots with Beka for a tourism YouTube series. The product is always exceptional.

Scheduling is always a breeze, he comes prepared, he is extremely easy to work with, he makes everything seem effortless, and after the shoot I get the footage within a day. It’s been a very rewarding experience and I look forward to working on more projects with him.”

– Frieda Vizel, Tour Guide and YouTube Host 


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Bia Production offers comprehensive video production services. We create captivating and cinematic productions for businesses and corporate clients. We don’t stop there, however. We also film movies, shows, web series, and documentaries. We’re located in Brooklyn, New York, although we provide our video and filming services throughout the Northeast.

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