11 Tips to Look and Feel Great on Camera

It’s easy to feel self-conscious on camera, especially if it’s your first time being filmed.

But we’ve worked with so many clients who felt nervous prior to a shoot, who ended up having a great time!

Clients are able to feel like stars for the day. Their teams do too.

Staff members are often excited to be featured and recognized. Thus it can be a great bonding experience for offices and teams. That’s also why our #1 tip is to…

Getting ready to shoot a scene for a movie filmed by Bia Production


  1. Have Fun!
    Creating a video gives entrepreneurs and business teams a chance to celebrate the business they’ve worked so hard to build. Use this opportunity to cheerfully express the achievements and personality that makes your company unique. Some team members get to act for the first time as well, which can be pretty darn fun!   
  2. Also, relax…
    And know that if you’re nervous – you’re not alone. Many people get nervous while speaking in front of others and on camera. In a calm state of mind, however, the mind operates more sharply and it’s easier to focus. Breathing exercises are a great way to relax the mind/body before a task that is intimidating or new. Some people also use affirmations, mantras and/or prayer to relax. These are just a few examples of methods to de-stress. Play with techniques that resonate with you.
  3. Forget Perfection
    Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You can film several takes and the production team can choose the best one.
  4. Be Yourself
    Because this is what makes you unique. Authenticity makes people more alluring. It’s engaging to watch a person who expresses themselves naturally, without trying to be someone they’re not. 
  5. Smile
    And be expressive and energetic. Use gestures that you typically use in everyday conversation. It can be easy to stiffen up while performing. But mastering these techniques can help you in numerous life situations.
  6. Speak Confidently
    If you tend to talk softly, speak up. If you talk loudly, try to speak more quietly. Also speak more slowly and clearly. And avoid jargon whenever possible, unless the target audience is fellow industry professionals.
  7. Body Language
    Speak from your diaphragm and straighten your posture. The phrase “speak from your diaphragm” is taught in acting classes. It’s a level of deeper breathing that’s felt in the stomach, not just high up in the chest. We also recommend this article from 24Slides that underscores the power of posture and body language. 
  8. Hair, Makeup & Wardrobe
    The main thing, again, is to be yourself. What do you feel most confident wearing? We don’t recommend going overboard with hair and makeup, if that’s not your style. You might consider the color and textures for your outfit, and how they’ll look against the backdrop(s). And powder and tissues are great for absorbing sweat/moisture. But overall, just know your worth – and that energy will shine through!
  9. Rehearse
    Rehearse answers to your prepared questions a few times before the shoot. Your delivery on camera doesn’t have to be perfect. But reviewing talking points can be very helpful to feel more prepared, and therefore less nervous. It also helps you focus on the goals of the video project, and what you want your customers/clients to remember about you and your business.
  10. Know Your Value
    Contemplate your value for current and potential customers. Then convey that on camera. What differentiates your business from the competition? How is your product/service going to help someone? What are the most meaningful aspects of your business – that make you smile at the end of the day.
  11. Connect With Your Audience
    Look into the camera and imagine that you are connected to your audience through the lens. Some people even imagine they’re speaking to a supportive friend or family member. This can help put you at ease, while also bridging a more heartfelt connection to the people you’re trying to reach.

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