List of Video Ideas to Expand Your Audience

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Unsure about the type of video you need? We’ve devised a list of videos that companies are creating to reach their audiences like never before.

First off, it’s best to consider the goals for your video. It’s also beneficial to contemplate the needs of your business and your customers, clients, patients, etc. This will help narrow your choices.

Some questions to ponder about your video’s purpose:

  • Is it to build general company and brand awareness?
  • To reach former, existing or potential customers? (or all of the above)
  • To tap a new market in a new city – or reach customers nationally or globally?
  • To position your company as experts in your field?
  • To teach your audience something?
  • To drive customers to your website and land sales/clients?
  • To improve the perception and reputation of your business in the community?

Example of a business overview video to introduce your company / team — for Diamond District Dental

You also want to consider your target audience. 

What grabs their attention? Which media platforms do they typically prefer? Is it cable TV or YouTube or Reddit? You don’t need exact answers – but a general idea is helpful.

Understanding your audience’s preferred platforms will help you determine the best length for your video. Longer-form videos are apt for YouTube and similar streaming platforms, while shorter videos are great for Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. It also helps to align your audience’s demographics with the best platform.

On this note, which social media platforms does your company post on? You may want to simply focus on those outlets, or branch out a bit when promoting a new video. Also post videos on your website, blogs, and e-newsletters.

When promoted effectively, videos can markedly boost sales, website traffic, search results, and customer acquisition/retention. So it’s worth the investment of time. Even if you contract a freelance social media pro to do the work.


Without further ado, here’s our extensive list of video ideas to spark your imagination:

Sales and Marketing-Focused Videos:

  1. TV advertisements
  2. Web commercials for social media and online purposes
  3. Kickstarter fundraising videos
  4. Testimonials and customer success stories that enhance your business’s reputation and credibility
  5. User-generated videos from customers and clients
  6. Launch videos for start-ups
  7. Announcements about a new product, brand, CEO, fashion line, etc


Business Overview Videos (for trust-building and establishing connections with customers):

  1. Company overview videos that introduce your business and brand
  2. Spotlight on the CEO, entrepreneur and/or staff
  3. Behind-the-scenes videos
  4. Drone videos to show off a new building, grand opening of a new location, resort, real estate properties, etc.


Customer Experience Videos:

  1. How-to videos for products, services and systems
  2. Explainer videos and tutorials
  3. Customer support and FAQ videos
  4. Thank you for purchasing!
  5. For nonprofits, videos that show programs-in-action and how they benefit participants


Informational and Educational Videos:

  1. Interviews with experts – either from your business or experts from your industry, academia, etc
  2. Documentary-style videos that dive deep on a topic related to a business, industry, societal issue, nonprofit or foundation
  3. Web series
  4. YouTube channels
  5. Infomercials


Virtual Events + Live Broadcasting:

  1. Webcasts, which are video broadcasts of an event that are transmitted over the internet.
  2. Live Streaming is used to broadcast video content on social media platforms in real time. Live streaming can be used to highlight a product/service demo, interview customers, or to stream a speech at an event or fundraiser (so many ideas for this one).
  3. Webinars, which are essentially virtual gatherings. One example is a Zoom meeting where participants watch a presentation by speakers at another location (and it may be interactive with online participants). Webinars can be recorded and/or streamed in real time through platforms like Zoom and YouTube.
  4. Hybrid events, which are events that are filmed in-person and also streamed online, so that some people can view the event virtually/remotely.
  5. Live broadcasting is used for concerts, events and interviews etc. Essentially whatever is being filmed is broadcast online in real time, without first being recorded and stored.


Internal and Human Resources Videos:

  1. New hire orientation videos
  2. Training videos for staff, management and leadership
  3. Recruitment videos to attract top talent
  4. Congratulatory videos for staff and company achievements


Event Videos:

  1. Conferences and tradeshows
  2. Groundbreaking videos for new locations
  3. Company anniversaries
  4. Live video for Facebook or Zoom, etc
  5. Graduations, weddings and anniversaries
  6. Fundraising events


B2B and Industry-Focused:

  1. Interviews with vendors
  2. Collaboration with strategic business affiliates
  3. Cross-promotional videos
  4. Announcements about a merger or acquisition


Public Relations:

  1. Public relations, community relations and corporate social responsibility videos that highlight your values and role in the community
  2. Video to celebrate a large donation to a charity or foundation
  3. Video press releases
  4. Investor relations videos
  5. Public service announcements


Can you think of anything we missed? Let us know! Your feedback is valuable.

Lastly, we realize the number of options for videos is considerable. It can be overwhelming, but also exciting! Imagine the goals and needs that can be fulfilled through captivating videos.

For strategic guidance about video marketing, reach out to our team at Bia Production. We’re happy to brainstorm about the optimal plan to catapult your business to the next level!

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