11 Tips to Look and Feel Great on Camera 

Corporate Cinematography

It’s easy to feel self-conscious on camera, especially if it’s your first time being filmed. But we’ve worked with so many clients who felt nervous prior to a shoot, who ended up having a great time! Clients are able to feel like stars for the day. Their teams do too. Staff members are often excited […]

List of Video Ideas to Expand Your Audience

Ideas for Videos

Unsure about the type of video you need? We’ve devised a list of videos that companies are creating to reach their audiences like never before.  First off, it’s best to consider the goals for your video. It’s also beneficial to contemplate the needs of your business and your customers, clients, patients, etc. This will help […]

Where Should I Post My Videos?

Writing Branding and Marketing

Let’s say your business just created a great video. Now what?   While developing a captivating video about your business is huge (and will advance your position in the marketplace), you also need to promote your video to maximize the impact.  Before we jump into our list of places to post your video, it helps to […]

10 Ways That Videos Boost Business and Profits


If a picture tells a thousand words, imagine the possibilities for videos.  Visual storytelling is powerful. It activates sight, sound, language and emotions.  In fact, research shows that viewers retain significantly more information about a business after watching a video, versus reading text alone.  Videos have also proven to increase: Sales Website traffic SEO and […]